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Trans Day Of Visibility.

We celebrate our trans and non-binary siblings today! We also lift up and pray for trans folks who are far too often targeted and killed for being who they are.

There are trans and non-binary students at TWU whether you personally know them or not. We matter.

When trans teenagers are supported in their gender identity, they have THE SAME level of depression and anxiety as their cisgender peers (Oslon et al., 2016. Pedeatrics).

You ask what can you do? Don’t be a dick to trans people. It could literally save their lives.

Education is a leading form of preventing violence and discrimination against trans people. So before bashing curriculums like SOGI 123, make sure you’re prepared to explain how, instead, the wider population should be educated to RESPECT and understand trans people.

Pictured here, the Transgender Pride Flag was created by Monica Helms, an American trans woman, in 1999.

The flag's design represents the trans community, and consists of five horizontal stripes:

💙two light blue (the traditional colour for baby boys),

💖two pink (the traditional colour for baby girls),

💭and one white in the center (for those who are transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender).

As always, we encourage you to research more on this topic and how to ally for trans folks.


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