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Trans Day of Remembrance.

Today We Remember. 🕯

On this Trans Day of Remembrance, we offer this prayer-poem from Rev. Vickey Gibbs:


of all the vast varieties of humankind,

Help us to move beyond

the exclusiveness

of an either / or mentality

to the inclusiveness

of an all and every

way of thinking.

Move us beyond binary definitions

to the mystery and complexity of

Your infinite creativity

and creation.

As we pause to remember those



because of their

all encompassing humanity

open hearts that need to hear

souls that need to know

and minds that need to see

that there are

no limits

to You

nor Your creation.”

According to Matthew, Jesus said, not a sparrow falls from heaven without God seeing it—and how much more are we than sparrows! God sees us. We are asking that you, also, see us.

We encourage you today to light a candle in solidarity, attend local online events, and if you are a person of faith we urge you to include Trans Day of Remembrance in your public and private prayers this weekend. 🕯


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