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To Thine Own Self Be True.


A One TWU member had this to say on the process of coming out to herself:

"Self discovery is not a clear or linear path. It took me time and intention to ask myself these questions, all to understand myself better. “I know I like girls … but do I like boys? Do I like both? What does that mean??”

It was scary because I felt alone and unseen. I didn’t have anyone around who was my kind of different until I was 20.

One person even told me: “You’re a lesbian and you probably say you like boys—and that you’re bisexual—just as a back up plan when you get too scared to be with a girl because you’re Catholic.”

When I came to terms with my own sexuality, I just began to come out to myself. I figured the only way I could be happy is if I’m true to myself, and so I told myself repeatedly “trust your experiences.”

This was the first stage in my self-acceptance. I knew that I had to accept and love myself because I wasn’t sure if anyone else would after I came out. I began coming out to myself by first thinking the phrase “I’m bisexual” then, I looked in the mirror and said “Hi, I’m ______ and I am bisexual.”

I said this to myself over and over again until I felt the love and acceptance I was looking for.

Once I felt this personally, I had the strength and confidence to tell the people in my life because I knew that even if they didn’t accept me, I accepted myself and that’s what matters the most.” 🖤


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