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The Gift Of Being Non-Binary

Bex O., a One TWU member and TWU alum, shares on coming into their own and what being non-binary means to them:

“I always thought non-binary people were really cool, from the first time I read about them in the ‘80’s.

One night a couple years ago I was going down the internet rabbit hole reading about non-binary people, and it suddenly occurred to me that I too was allowed to choose my gender, and given that, I would not choose my birth gender.

I quickly realized that the other binary gender also did not appeal to me, and so I began to research the dozens of other gender options available.

Now I just say non-binary because as a blanket term it allows enough flexibility for days I’m not so sure or feel a bit more in one direction or another–– or even not gendered at all.

So far, I’ve changed my hair and I’m working on my wardrobe (slowly, because money and autism both work against wardrobe changes!)–– but also an androgynous presentation is not required.

To anyone who’s not sure if they are cool enough to be non-binary, I assure you, we are a very welcoming and accepting group, and you can be non-binary in whatever way works for you. All you have to do is want it!” 💛


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