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One TWU's 7 Year Anniversary!

It's our 7 year anniversary, can you believe?!! 🎉

On November 13, 2014, One TWU had its first meeting. And it was surprisingly well-attended with over 30 people showing up!

Fun (sad) fact: the first set of posters made for the meeting all got taken down.

Even from our beginnings, we are not the first LGBTQIA2S+ students or alumni to attend this university. Many have come before us often having to meet even more underground than we do now for fear of losing their families, education, church community, and so much more.

Since our first meeting back in 2014, One TWU has grown, expanded, and we have over 250 folks connected with our community—with more students, alumni, and allies being added to our network every week. 🌈

One TWU has surpassed all the odds against us and we have made a place for LGBTQIA2S+ folks at an institution that seeks to censor, silence, and diminish the voices of queer students.

We’re excited for many more years of One TWU.

Shoutout to all former One TWU leaders, supporters from the wider community, our amazing allies, queer alumni, and anyone else who has been involved with One TWU along the way. 🎉


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