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Homophobia Is Alive And Well At TWU

One TWU Statement on De-Classifieds, Confessionals, TWU memepages, TWU comment sections, and other anonymous outlets for TWU Students:

Freedom of Speech has been a hotly contested topic on University campuses. It has drawn the ire of political layers, left, right, and everyone in-between.

Weighing the freedom of speech on campus at TWU is the prerogative of the President’s Office and Student Life. One TWU’s priority is ensuring LGBTQIA2S+ students and alumni are able to live fulfilling academic lives, with opportunities to contribute to the community like everyone else, regardless of any free speech conundrum on campus.

With that being said, One TWU has been aware of an increase in homophobia on campus especially through anonymous outlets on campus. This includes, but are not limited to, the de-classifieds in Mars’ Hill Newspaper and several Instagram pages ran by unidentified sources.

We should be clear. This is nothing new. When One TWU first began, YikYak was often reverted to for students who didn’t feel comfortable voicing their unpopular opinions, some of these being homophobic in nature.

One TWU is not in a position, nor wishes to be in one, which advocates how students express themselves. But we do believe we’re in a position to address what appears to be gaps in education about LGBTQIA2S+ people and moral licensing—that is, feeling empowered to treat someone in a way that is contrary to the life and teachings of Jesus when one disagrees and/or is made comfortable by someone.

Therefore, we are calling on TWU to ensure students are equipped to treat their LGBTQIA2S+ siblings in Christ with respect and love. We are also calling on member of the TWU community to examine their hearts. If you are unable to put your name beside incendiary comments about people you disagree with, why is that? Should the words be said in the first place if from the moment you speak or write them, you evade accountability?

Our mission, which we believe we share with the school, is to ensure no matter your background, your theology, your political views, or your sexual orientation/gender identity you have a place at TWU.

These recent incidences of homophobia demonstrate that more work needs to be done and that the inclusion (which is not the same as promotion) of LGBTQIA2S+ perspectives on campus, in serving the mission of producing alumni who treat their LGBTQIA2S+ community members with respect, is critically needed.


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