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Being Non-Binary: An Artistic Homecoming


A One TWU member shares their story:

“Artists sometimes have a stage name, an alias, a pen name. It could be their alter ego or an anagram. I have seen artists pour their heart and soul into creating art representative of their artistic identity. I have also seen trans folks pouring their heart and soul into affirming their gender identity.

As a femme-presenting trans non-binary individual, I simply want to be recognized that whatever I do to affirm my trans-ness is home. This name is my home.

As a writer myself, a nagging and painful thought lingers about how my trans-ness isn’t valued as much as other parts of myself. If I were to be an author under a pen name, would that part of my identity be more worthy of acceptance, love, and celebration than the name I’ve chosen for myself? Than the name that makes me feel at home inside my body?

I hope that on Transgender Awareness Week that my trans community will feel love and acceptance extended to every aspect of their identity and their humanity… and know that you deserve it every day.

Because every week is Trans Awareness Week.” 💜


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