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BC Anti-Racism Awareness Week.

May 23-29 is BC Anti-Racism Awareness Week!

Living in a society steeped in colonialism and systemic racism impacts all of us…

We each carry prejudices. None of us are individually responsible for systemic racism, but we all have a part to play to confront it.

It’s not enough to simply be “not racist,” we need to be anti-racist. Anti-racism is the deliberate act of opposing racism and promoting a society that is thoughtful, inclusive, and just. 🖤

One TWU not only supports the LGBTQIA2S+ community but also strives for a world of equity, equality, and justice for people of colour.⚡️

Here’s a liturgy from Enfleshed for us to meditate and reflect on:

What do we need to lay down

set aside

offer up

divest from

in order for all of us to be free?

What practices of dominance

investments in supremacy

legacies of violence

do we need to confess

repent of

turn from


and resist

for the sake of our collective soul

for the sake of the kin-dom

for the sake of ecclesia

so that we might become sanctuary for each other

enfleshing new ways of being

with each other

for each other

and with You.

May it be so.

May we make it so.



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