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We are SO HAPPY TO HEAR that the Senate has unanimously passed Bill C-4, which criminalizes the widely discredited practice in Canada. It is a VICTORY for the many Conversion “Therapy” survivors in our One TWU community and all those who have been traumatized by ex-gay ideologies causing irreparable harm.

We want to give a HUGE thank you to all the survivors, activists, and organizations who showed tremendous leadership in the campaign to ban this harmful practice.🌈

FYI: Conversion “Therapy," sometime called "pray-the-gay-away," is any forced attempt to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals. It has often been weaponized by faith leaders, people who claim to be counsellors, and others in positions of authority over vulnerable, many times un-consenting and/or underage individuals. Conversion “Therapy” is torture, and must be eradicated.

Today we know for sure Canadians––and their representatives––are united against conversion practices. It is an absolutely inspiring display of nonpartisanship to do the right thing and stand up for safety and freedom.

The legislation prohibits the act of causing another person to undergo Conversion “Therapy,” as well as make it illegal to remove a minor from Canada to subject them to conversion practices abroad. The ban will also criminalize profiting from providing Conversion “Therapy” and the advertisement or promotion of LGBTQIA2S+ change efforts.

Bill C-4 goes further than its predecessor, C-6, which fell off the order paper when Parliament was dissolved prior to the 2021 federal election. The new bill extends the ban to individuals of all ages, whereas the previously proposed ban was only applicable to adults.

One in 10 queer Canadians have had direct experience with Conversion “Therapy” at some point in their lives. Our One TWU community knows this all too well. The TWU Administration has still never formally apologized to LGBTQIA2S+ alumni who were forced to go through Conversion “Therapy” during their time at TWU.


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