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A Pride Reflection

Dear queer student at Trinity Western, you are God’s delight every day of every month.💗

Pride is a response of DIGNITY to the shame that has been pushed onto us for far too long.

Pride is a declaration of our worthiness and wholeness— that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.💞

Pride is both a celebration and a resistance against unjust systems.

With this in mind, we offer up a prayer for Pride by Reconciling Ministries Network to reflect on:

Creator of all queer and wonderful things,

You’ve made and you make and remake us.

Gather us in harmony— not a false unity but a selfless and brave co-existence.

Give us hungry spirits to hear the diverse melodies of our kin, to recognize the infinite shades of our existence in and because of you.

We are proud of who we are because of who you are—because who you are is refracted through us,

because who we are is a part of your body.

Pride— not the sin but the reclamation, the reconciliation, the redemption: let that be our cloak and your love our greatest treasure.


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