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A Message To TWUSA: We Exist All Year-Round, Not Just During Campaign Season.

We’ve received multiple DM’s from people running for TWUSA positions and from those already on TWUSA inquiring on how they can better partner with One TWU.

Ask and you shall receive!

We’ve come up with the acronym: P.A.U.S.E.

1 - Promote us!

Share our events and social media content on all platforms. Our official website is linked in our bio with plenty of resources.

2- Advocate!

Advocate for equal treatment and representation throughout the university and year even when it's uncomfortable––not just during campaign season.

3 - Utilize and apply our suggestions!

A number of One TWU members have already spoken up about unsafe dorm conditions as well as homophobia on-campus. Train student leaders about the queer community and how to create a safe space. Partner with One TWU!

4 - Show up!

Come to our events ready to listen and learn. TWUSA can better partner with One TWU by paying attention to us––the people you claim to want to help & work alongside.

5 - Educate yourself on One TWU and the queer community!

Read up on what our queer alumni have already shared. Understand TWU’s complex history with queer folks. Catch up on our posts & website resources.

We exist throughout the whole year, not just during election season.


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