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A Genderqueer Reflection

Gender identity is a diverse discussion One TWU is currently exploring, along with expression vs. identity and terms people use.

The image we shared is the genderqueer flag. Sometimes genderqueer is considered the umbrella term for alternate gender identities for what is considered “traditional”.

One TWU members who identify in a multiplicity of ways under the term genderqueer shared a few tips!

One member said: “With pronouns the most common advice I give people is to always correct themselves when they misgender a person, even when it feels painfully awkward (because it always does) and they have to pause their sentence to go back and correct themselves.

An action like this can show a genderqueer person (me in particular) that you are willing to choose their personhood over your sense of awkwardness. And surprisingly fast, you stop misgendering them because the social awkwardness of it all trains your mind to revise their pronouns.”

They also mentioned that you should “not just follow someone’s pronouns in front of them. Correct yourself when you make a mistake, even when they aren’t there. This helps retrain you early, avoiding you triggering them, because believe it or not, being misgendered (even in so small a moment as a pronoun) is often a triggering experience.”

We understand that there are many facets of gender and expression that we were not able to talk about in this one post, so please send us a message with questions or thoughts you might have as a gender non-conforming individual or a curious ally.

We look forward to continuing this conversation on gender.


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